/Twitter User’s 2-Year Quest To Break Into Trump’s Timeline Pays Off In A Big Way

Twitter User’s 2-Year Quest To Break Into Trump’s Timeline Pays Off In A Big Way

Patience paid off for one critic of President Donald Trump on Wednesday. He finally obtained a long-sought presidential retweet then used it to plant an anti-Trump message smack in the middle of the president’s timeline.

Specifically: “Fuck Donald Trump.” 

But it wasn’t pure chance that Trump inadvertently retweeted a critic. It was part of a plan nearly two years in the making. 

“I don’t think he pays much attention at all when he goes on these RT-ing sprees,” said the man behind the account, who declined to provide a name but described himself as a 20-something New Yorker. “I just had to get him to notice once with a stroke of luck and I figured he’d bite.” 

The man started the account in September 2017, with a similar handle to a Trump supporter that the president had previously retweeted. Since then, he’s used the account to respond to presidential tweets with similar messages of encouragement.

“Found it pretty simple to come up with whatever any given avid supporter may tweet at him,” said the tweeter. 

The effort didn’t take much time and he forgot about it for periods. But on Wednesday, Trump began retweeting a flood of messages from supposed firefighter supporters and he shared the critic’s message. The critic’s tweet claimed to be from someone married to a New York City firefighter who was “voting Trump 2020 all the way!!!”  

Once Trump retweeted the message, the man changed the account’s username to “Fuck Donald Trump” and the avatar to an “ANYONE BUT TRUMP 2020″ logo, leading to this unlikely image in the presidential timeline:  

The retweet was eventually deleted from Trump’s timeline.  

The critic’s avatar is now a Bernie 2020 logo for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. The tweeter said he supports Sanders but will vote for whoever the eventual Democratic nominee is. 

Until then, the man says he might have another go at fooling Trump.

“I’ll likely end up bored and try again, to be honest,” he wrote. “But it’ll be somewhat tougher to pull off again I’d imagine!”