/One Bitcoin Developers Quixotic Quest to Vanish in Plain Sight

One Bitcoin Developers Quixotic Quest to Vanish in Plain Sight

jameson lopp, bitcoinjameson lopp, bitcoin

Bitcoin developer Jameson Lopp is doing his best to vanish in plain sight. | Source: Decentralized 2018/YouTube

Prominent bitcoin security professional and social media influencer Jameson Lopp was targeted in a potential assassination attempt when an armed police team was sent to his house. Someone targeting Lopp phoned local police claiming to be a gunman with hostages inside Lopp’s home. The practice, known as “SWATting,” has claimed many lives in the past.

Since then, Lopp has beefed up security measures immensely, making every effort to hide all trace of his activities without sacrificing his online life as a bitcoin advocate.

Lopp bought an entire house just as a decoy. He registered an anonymous, limited liability company as a corporate identity to conduct his personal affairs through, and has taken numerous other online and offline precautions until even hired professionals were unable to find him.

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He has since appeared in occasional interviews on the subject and has written about it, leaving us with an incredibly thorough guide on how to hide from prying eyes in the digital age.

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