/FREE Digital Will Writing Service from MoneyOWL

FREE Digital Will Writing Service from MoneyOWL

If you write a Will, you have a document that allows your love ones to have a better process of gaining access to your estate. 

When a person passed away in Singapore, his possession became his estate. 

The estate could include the following:

  1. Bank accounts
  2. Property
  3. Personal Effects
  4. Investments

The estate needs to be distribute to the beneficiaries. However, the beneficiaries need a Court Oder that gives authority to close the bank accounts, cash in the investments and sell or transfer the property, pay off the deceased’s debts and then distribute what is left of the estate to the beneficiaries. 

If the deceased has a will then a Grant of Probate is issued to the Executor in the will. The executor will collect the asset and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries cannot replace the executor.

If the deceased do not have a will than it will go down the path of Letters of Administration. Accordingly, the law stipulates a list of people that can apply to be the administrator in the Letters of administration. 

They are:

  1. spouse
  2. children of the deceased
  3. parents
  4. brothers and sisters
  5. nephews and nieces
  6. grandparents
  7. uncles and aunts

Since the deceased did not leave behind a will, section 7 of the Intestate Succession Act kicks in. The assets will be distributed based on the act. 

Intestate Succession Act 1

From MoneyOwl

The table above shows how, under Intestate Succession Act, would the asset be distributed.

It should also be noted that CPF and HDB is not covered by the Will. For CPF, it depends on whether the decease made a nomination. If the decease did make, it will be distributed accordingly to the nomination. 

If not, it will be distributed by the Public Trustee based on the Intestate Succession Act.

For HDB, if there is a joint tenant, the joint tenant would fully take over. If not, and if there is a will, it will be determined by the Grant of Probate.

So what is the Usefulness of having a Will?

Let’s you decide how you want your assets to be distributed. The assets may not be given to your choice of beneficiaries. A dear friend, or the son of a dear friend that you wish to help may never get it, if you do not have a will.

Lets the right executors and trustees manage the distribution of your assets. The job of the executor is rather important, and you might not want one of your family members, who are not so savvy with money, or reliable to mismanage the whole process. 

Appoint a guardian to take care of your children who are below 21 years old. If you have children, it’s important to make sure that they’re always protected and cared for.

MoneyOwl’s Digital Will Writing Service – How do You Write a Will?

As part of MoneyOwl‘s vision to provide holistic wealth and financial planning solution, they offer a digital will writing service at an affordable cost. (You can read my write up introducing MoneyOwl here)

And for a limited time, you can create a Will for FREE.

Simply start the digital will writing process through my link here.


I don’t get anything out of it. Most likely it lets them know whether you heard it from Kyith or some of Kyith’s competitors.

I tried it myself and I think its a pretty simple process. 

I do have friends who reached late thirties, and we are starting to see this  to be more important. So they would benefit from this.

MoneyOwl’s digital will service is suppose to be as generic as they come. 

And they have explained in their FAQ what it is not:

If you have a Muslim will requirement, MoneyOwl’s service might not be the solution for you. If you need a more granular specification of how your assets should be divided, this is probably not for you as well.

The Digital Will Writing Process

I decide to show you from the start to the finish how to create the will. 

Since I need to do one for the family member, I might as well go through the process.

We start the process by going through my link and PROMO code here:

Simply start the digital will writing process through my link here.


If you specify that you do not have all your assets in Singapore, MoneyOwl recommends you to seek a legal advice.

Here is where I specify the will holder’s full name and identification number, his/her status and how many children the will holder have.

We specify the details of the children.

Here you can add more beneficiary, that are not your children.

As you cannot distribute your estate in a mixture of percentages and absolute amount, the will holder specified a 50%/50% split here.

The next step is to specify the executor of your estate. You can also specify an alternative executor. 

You will then be asked to check your details again to ensure that they are correct.

IF you do not have an account with MoneyOwl, the process will ask you to create one.

Once you have created your  account, the will generation process will be complete. MoneyOwl will ask you to print out and review your will.

You will sign and date the will, in the presence of 2 witness. To avoid the conflict of interest, the witness should not be any of the beneficiary.

The following is how the will, that is printed out look like:

At every page, the 2 witnesses and the will holder should sign it.

Then store the will in a safe place.

There! You have completed the whole process. 

The cheapest Wills in this form would cost around $120 to $300, so why not make use of this opportunity and create one for free?

Let me know how it goes!

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